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Metal polishing and finishing services in birmingham

High-quality metal polishing & finishing Since 1965

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KLF “For the perfect finish”

Our metal polishing and stainless steel polishing service in Birmingham caters for high-end Marine,  Architectural and Automotive industries. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we can polish a wide range of products,  creating a consistently flawless finish.

Rest assured that our expereinced metal finishing experts will energise the look of your metal surface in no time.

Metal Polishing Equipment

We have a Suhner portable polishing lathe and with its endless amounts accessories enables us to polish any large pieces as long as we can fit them in our workshop.

Mirror Polished Architectural Hardware

Mirror Polished Yacht Signage

Mirror Polished Door & Window Furniture

Mirror Polished Marine & Automotive Components

Mirror Polished Catering Equipment

Mirror Polished Bespoke Items

We specialise in these materials

Our number one goal at KLF Metal Finishing is customer satisfaction. We will work closely with you to ensure each job is completed to the highest standard, exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves on maintaining the very highest standards in all areas of metal polishing, making us an ideal solution for all your requirements.

Stainless Steel





We cater for a wide range of metals